Submitting Applications

Please write a brief proposal — no more than a page or two — that addresses the points in the “Content of Application” section and email it to proposals [at] If it is not practical to send your proposal electronically, you may mail it to Trail Volunteer Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation, Five PPG Place, Suite 250, Pittsburgh, PA 15222-5414.

Deadlines: March 1, June 1, September 1, and December 1 of each year.

If the proposal is selected, it will be provisionally accepted and we will then request documentation of tax-exempt status and insurance as described in the description of the application and decision process.

Content of Application

Your application should include the following information. This should be brief and to the point, no more than a page or two. You are welcome to attach design or planning documents that you have already prepared, but please do not create new design documents just for this grant application. To help organize your thoughts a Microsoft Word template is available.

Who Are You? Give the name, address, and official contact person of your organization (the organization must be tax-exempt; if your proposal is funded the check will be sent to this address). Also give your name and address and your relation to the organization, along with identification of this project so that correspondence to the official address will reach you. Just the facts, no need to explain how great you are. We know the benefits of trails and have probably ridden your trail many times.

Where is the Project? What trail is the project on, and where on the trail will the project be? What organization manages the trail?  If this is not the same as the proposing organization, show that the managing organization will accept the project.

What is the Project? Briefly, what are you planning to do, and how will it benefit the trail system?

What Are You Asking the Fund to Provide? Be specific about what you’re asking the Fund to support, and if this is part of a larger project explain how that fits into the overall project. Give an approximate budget for the project that shows what you’re asking the Fund to provide and any other funds you’re planning on. If you propose to purchase equipment or machinery, investigate the manufacturer’s discounts for non-profits before making your budget.

What Will Volunteers Do? Be clear about how much volunteer effort will be involved, compared to the materials you are asking the Fund to provide.

When will the project begin/end? When do you expect to begin the project and how long (calendar time) it will take.