Trail Volunteer Fund
Great Allegheny Passage, Mon Yough Trail Council,
Grooming Attachment

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This project enables the trail volunteers to maintain the trail surface of this and nearby trails more efficiently. It is especially important to do this after spring thaw to remediate the uneven surface left after winter conditions.

MYTC will purchase a grooming attachment for our Ford tractor that will be used to groom the crushed stone surface of the trail (see photo attached).  Over time the crushed stone surface is subject to freeze and thaw cycles which can cause ruts when the trail is used before surface dries.  Falling trees and general use of trail can also result in holes and/or gouges in the surface.  Continuous growth of weeds and grass eventually encroaches on the trail surface as well. The grooming attachment will drag the trail to smooth uneven surfaces and remove overgrowth of weeds and grass and decaying leaves along edge of trail.   

The grant from the Trail Volunteer Fund funds purchase of a grooming attachment for the trail tractor to enable volunteers to restore the trail when conditions make the surface uneven.

Grant awarded September 2010


Photo courtesy of Mon Yough Trail Council




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