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Butler-Freeport Trail, Sharrows into Butler

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This project marks routes that connect the northern end of the Butler-Freeport Community trail to locations in Butler. These on-road routes have been identified by volunteers, and they will be marked with the "sharrow" symbol -- a combination of chevrons and bicycle symbol that indicate shared use of the road.

A bike route has been identified, guiding Butler Freeport Community Trail users to food, recreation and shopping; and, city residents to the Butler Freeport Community Trail.  This project extends the trail users’ experience and boosts the economy of the downtown commercial district by bringing trail users into the city to eat, shop, rest, etc.  Our primary goal is to make a safe route. Trail users (going to and coming from) are going to go into the city anyways and we feel it is important to provide a marked route.  In addition, this identified route connects to a “Share the Road” (State Route 68) which links to State Bike Route A (connecting West Virginia and Erie, PA).  With the completion of the new Freeport Bridge the Butler Freeport Community Trail will connect to the Armstrong Trail, Baker Trail etc.

The grant from the Trail Volunteer Fund supports purchase of traffic marking paint and reflective glass for use by volunteers in marking the route connecting the Butler-Freeport Trail to Butler.

Grant awarded September 2010

Photo courtesy of Chris Ziegler
Finishing up -- pixie dust? no, reflective beads


Photo courtesy of Chris Ziegler
Freshly-painted sharrow


Photo courtesy of Chris Ziegler
Painting sharrows with stencil


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