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This project of the Trail Town Outreach Corps and the Yough River Trail Council will build and install information signs in Connellsville at the Adirondack camping shelters and the community gardens supported by a previous Trail Volunteer Fund grant..

Signs are critical tools to help recognize and bolster the effort of volunteers on the trail and their extension into the community of Connellsville.  Better signage will educate visitors on how to extend their stay in Connellsville; an overnight stay typically puts $98 into the community as opposed to $13 from a day-trip.

Better signage will also encourage visitors to investigate further into Connellsville, to visit local businesses as they explore all of the community garden sites or seek out other examples of community participation.

The grant from the Trail Volunteer Fund supports purchase of materials to be used by volunteers to install signs at the Adirondack Camping Shelters and the Connellsville Community Gardens.

Grant awarded June 2010
Project completed July 2010

Photo courtesy of Trail Town Outreach Corps
Setting sign posts


Photo courtesy of Trail Town Outreach Corps
Sign in trailside garden

Photo courtesy of Trail Town Outreach Corps
Hanging trailside sign 





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