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Armstrong Trail, Trail Surfacing near East Brady

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This surfacing project is on a one mile section of the Armstrong Trail between East Brady and Phillipston in Clarion County. The project follows up on local efforts to make the East Brady to Phillipston Section of the Armstrong Trail more useable.  Local volunteers from Clarion and Armstrong County have shown strong support for the completion of this trail section by clearing brush and dumpsites, picking up litter, identifying drainage problem, and clearing areas on both side of the trail. When this work is completed volunteers will grade the surface with donated equipment and the assistance of the Allegheny Valley Land Trust, remove loose ballast and spread and compress crushed limestone into a smooth surface. 

The Armstrong Trail is also an important link in the Erie to Pittsburgh Trail.  Located 14 miles from the improved trail at Parking Landing (Allegheny Trails Association) and 10 miles from the northern finished section of the Armstrong Trail (Allegheny Valley Land Trust), this strategic section will be a springboard for local trail advocates.  This section also has the direct connection to the planned 40 mile Redbank Valley Trail to Brookville. 

The grant from the Trail Volunteer Fund supports purchase of crushed limestone trail surface material to be installed by volunteers on the trail between East Brady and Phillipston.

Grant awarded June 2010


Photo by Mary Shaw
New surface on Armstrong Trail near East Brady



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