Trail Volunteer Fund
Roaring Run Trail, Scraper Blade

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This project provides funding for a 72 inch Rear Blade with 3 point hitch that will attach to the tractor currently owned by the trail and will be used by trail volunteers to repair weather related and other damage to our hiking/biking trail.  

This upgrades the trail maintenance program with a tool that would give volunteers the ability to grade and repair the surface on damaged areas of the rail-trail, as well as a tool for clearing our parking areas of snow for winter trail use. This maintenance will keep the trail open, safe, and smooth for trail users.

The grant from the Trail Volunteer Fund supports purchase of a rear scraper blade that can attach to the organization's tractor and that can be used by volunteers in trail maintenance and repair.

Grant awarded February 2010
Project completed April 2010


Photo courtesy of Roaring Run Watershed Association
Scraper blade attached to tractor



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