Trail Volunteer Fund
Great Allegheny Passage, Yough River Trail Council,

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This project provides a tractor for volunteers to use in maintaining the Fayette section of the Yough River Trail.

Trail volunteers who cut the grass and brush along the trail need a mower that can cut on various angles at the edges of the trail. The trail organization's current equipment only cuts one way level so when the trail varies the mower decks cut into the trail surface and many times, breaks wheels and guides. The new equipment will cut vertically 90 degrees and will slant 60 degrees below level, so it is perfect for the application. The rear power takeoff (PTO) is powerful enough for us to add a boom mower later for overhead trimming of low hanging growth.

The grant from the Trail Volunteer Fund helps to purchase the tractor, which will be used by volunteers.

Grant awarded August 2009
Project completed October 2009

Photo courtesy of Yough River Trail Council

Photo courtesy of Yough River Trail Council
Tractor with boom mower


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