Trail Volunteer Fund
Montour Trail, Biker-Hiker Campsite

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This project establishes a campsite near the Kurnick Trailhead of the Montour Trail for hikers and bikers who are traveling on the trail.

Montour Trail volunteers are developing a campsite with a beginning capacity of about 5 tent sites.  This is a logical progression in the development of the trail system.  As more people are through biking to/from Washington DC, the need for an established campsite has become evident.  It will allow through bikers an acceptable place to camp, dispose of trash, and have a port-a-john, and keep the area clean and less contaminated.

The grant from the Trail Volunteer Fund provides surface materials such as gravel and mulch for volunteers to install in the camping and picnic table areas.

Grant awarded March 2009


Photo courtesy of Wells Horton
First known campers in Kurnick campground


Photo by Mary Shaw
One of five campsites during construction


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