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Butler-Freeport Trail, Bollards at Crossings

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This project creates barriers to deter motor vehicles from running on the Butler-Freeport Trail in Summit Twp, Butler Twp, and Butler City. The bollards of this project complement the gates obtained with help from a previous Trail Volunteer Fund grant.

This all-volunteer project installs bollards to deter quads from running the trail.  The trail organization is establishing a design that will be used the length of the trail as gates and 4X4's need replaced. The bollards are constructed from pipe and concrete. Each pipe is put in the ground 2 1/2 - 3 feet, filled with concrete, and painted.  A bollard is placed in the middle of the trail surface, another to the left and right 36 inches apart (for ADA); on one side goes a 12 foot gate and on the other bollards are installed 2 feet apart as far as a bank or drop off so ATV's cannot go around. This also allows the crossing to be on the trail surface and not in the ditch.   Bobcat of Pittsburgh has donated a machine with a  post hole digger on it that a volunteer can use. 

The grant from the Trail Volunteer Fund supported purchase of pipe and concrete to be used by volunteers to construct the bollards in place.

Grant awarded March 2009


Photo courtesy of Chris Ziegler
Trail crossing with bollards on Butler Freeport Trail

Photo courtesy of Chris Ziegler

Trail gate with bollards on Butler Freeport Trail



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