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Armstrong Trail, Map Marker Project

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This project will construct, install, and document mile markers along the Armstrong Trail in Armstrong and Clarion Counties.

The Map Marker Project involves installing Mile Markers along the Armstrong Trail and documenting the locations to be used to design and print a Trail Map.  Trail users want to know distances, locations and features along the trail.    This project is intended to provide information and make the Armstrong Trail more user friendly for local users and travelers to the area.

The Map Marker Project will also assist future maintenance of the trail by allowing a method of identifying problem areas and communicating the location to others.

Youth volunteers will identify the milepost locations, Armstrong high school students will make the mileposts in the high school wood shop, and installation will be done as a student community service project.

The grant from the Trail Volunteer Fund provides GPS equipment for accurately locating the mile markers and materials for the mileposts

Grant awarded March 2009

Photo by Mary Shaw
Milepost in place
Photo by Mary Shaw

Detail of milepost


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