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Dravo Mower

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This project provides a zero-turn mower that can cut close to plantings and obstacles in the Dravo area of the Yough River Trail.

The Dravo campground and rest area near Buena Vista has expanses of grass punctuated with benches, fire rings, tables, and shrubbery. This is time-consuming for the volunteers to mow with the trail organization's 1980 riding mower, and the areas close to obstructions must be finished with a weed whacker. Further, the equipment has become very difficult to maintain. A new zero-turn mower will reduce both the mowing time in this area of the trail and the time required to maintain the equipment.

The grant from the Trail Volunteer Fund will help to purchase the mower, which will be used by volunteers.

Grant awarded July 2009
Project completed August 2009



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