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Montour Trail, Safety Improvement near Venice

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This project provides safety improvements at the intersection of PA50 and PA980, west of Venice.

The Montour Trail, otherwise continuous for many miles in both directions, is interrupted at the intersection of PA Route 50 and PA Route 980 by a missing bridge. The trail continues to the end of the demolished bridge, but the bridge is 15 feet above the road. Trail travelers have been forced to detour for a half mile along PA Route 50, a busy road with a high volume of vehicular traffic and narrow shoulders, and go through an intersection with PA Route 980, another high traffic road. The Montour Trail Council plans to reduce the hazards for trail users by installing a PENNDOT approved painted crosswalk and appropriate signage at this problematic grade-level trail crossing of these highways. This project is known by the trail council as Montour Trail Phase 21, Venice Crossing Project.

A spur from the trail reaches the end of this former bridge across the creek on the north side of PA50. The bridge ends unceremoniously about 15 feet above the parking area next to the road. Access to the north end of the proposed crosswalk is to be provided from the remaining span of this former bridge.  Plans call for building a deck and handrails on that span, with a suitable stairway/ramp with special provisions to enable bicyclists to walk their bikes up or down with relative ease. From the south end of the crosswalk, a gently sloped crushed stone path will connect to the existing trail. Signage, fencing, and other needed amenities will complete the work.

The grant from the Trail Volunteer Fund is being used to purchase materials to be used by volunteers to establish a crosswalk and construct a stairway/ramp to the trail at the end of the demolished bridge.

Grant awarded January 2008
Project completed October 2009 


  photo looking across route 51 looking at the trail 16 feet in the air
Photo by Mary Shaw
Intersection of PA 50 and PA980

Photo by Mary Shaw
Trail open up the stairs and across the bridge
Photo by Mary Shaw
Official ribbon cutting and opening

Photo by Mary Shaw
Top flight in use
Photo by Mary Shaw
Lower flight in use

Photo by Mary Shaw
End of RR bridge, shortly after the project began
Photo by Mary Shaw
Emerging deck and stairs at end of bridge


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