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Montour Trail, Trail Resurfacing near Chartiers Creek

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This project helped resurface a trail segment on the Montour Trail in Washington County.

The Montour Trail Council restored one and a half miles of trail, between Morganza Road, MP 27 and the Chartiers Creek Bridge, MP 29. This portion of trail surface was constructed in 1996 with re-cycled material donated by the Meadows Racetrack. It had deteriorated badly over the years. The deteriorated surface was re-graded, and volunteers installed new surface material, drainage upgrades and fencing repairs. Montour volunteers performed all the labor required for this project, including operating motorized equipment: The MTC’s John Deere tractor, dump truck, pick up truck, spreader and paver. The new trail surface complements and connects to the new construction of two miles of trail in West Peters Township, which includes three bridges and a tunnel. As a result, the Montour Trail has nearly 36 miles of continuous trail from Coraopolis to Library Trestle at Route 88. The project was finished in time for the West Peters opening celebration.

The grant from the Trail Volunteer Fund helped to purchase new limestone surface material, which was installed by volunteers.

Grant awarded September 2008.
Project completed October 2008.

Photo by Mary Shaw
Finished trail


Photo courtesy of Montour Trail Council
Montour volunteers performed all the labor for this project


Photo courtesy of Montour Trail Council
Final limestone surface goes down



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