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Great Allegheny Passage, Somerset Co, Bollman Bridge

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This project installed safety fencing on approaches to the Bollman Bridge, located on the Great Allegheny Passage in Somerset County, just south of Meyersdale.

The project involved completing the final improvements to the Bollman Bridge Relocation Project. The historic Bollman Bridge was moved from its original location to provide a trail crossing that eliminated an at-grade crossing and added another unique structural feature to the Great Allegheny Passage. The initial phases of the project removed the bridge from its former location, partially dismantled and moved it to the  new location, reassembled it, constructed abutments, placed the bridge n the abutments, decked and fenced the bridge,  and installed base and finished trail surfacing.

The final phase of the project was to install 192 feet of post and rail safety fencing at both approaches to the bridge.  The safety fencing ensures that trail users are protected from the steep embankments at bridge approaches.  The safety railings on the bridge were completed by volunteer labor. 

The grant from the Trail Volunteer Fund purchased the materials for the fencing work including the treated lumber, concrete and hardware needed to complete the post and rail fencing.  Trail volunteers installed 48 linear feet of fencing on both sides of the trail at the east and west approaches for a total of 192 linear feet of fencing. 

Grant awarded May 2008


Photo by Mary Shaw
Reassembled Bollman Bridge in place,
with safety fencing on the approaches

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