Trail Volunteer Fund
Three Rivers Heritage Trail, Graffiti Remover

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This project provides purchase of graffiti remover for volunteers on the Three Rivers Heritage Trails in Pittsburgh.

Friends of the Riverfront has recently begun a Volunteer Trail Stewardship program by engaging a number of key individuals for care and monitoring of various segments of the Heritage Trail. Trail Stewards, acting on behalf of Friends of the Riverfront, are ambassadors for the organization, wearing an organization logo t-shirt and distributing Heritage Trail Guides to businesses and individuals along the trail. Priorities for stewards' activities include regular monitoring of trail surface and surrounding area for safety concerns, light rubbish/recycling removal, placing 311 calls, monitoring signage, site furniture, recent plantings, and prompt graffiti removal. This is an urban trail, and signs are regularly defaced with graffiti; prompt removal of the graffiti is important. Friends of the Riverfront has been successful in having most of the supplies donated for the Trail Monitors.

The grant from the Trail Volunteer Fund supports the purchase of graffiti remover, which will be used by the volunteer monitors to remove stickers, tags, etc. along walls, site furniture, signage, etc. along the Heritage Trail.

Grant awarded September 2008
Project completed August 2009

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