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Allegheny River Trail, Privacy Fence

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This project installed a 130' privacy fence on the trail bypass to satisfy a right-of-way agreement at Sunny Slopes, between Franklin and Emlenton on the Allegheny River Trail.

There has been a difficult and awkward gap in the 27 mile Allegheny River Trail at Sunny Slopes due to property reversion. The railbed was destroyed prior to the existence of the Allegheny Valley Trail Association and it has been necessary to by-pass the cottages via a dirt road used by cottage owners. Over the past 18 years a number of pieces of the puzzle have been put in place with right-of-way agreements and outright ownership of the private road. However, a last piece has remained to be solved until 2008 when two final right-of-way agreements were secured permitting construction of a bypass to connect the roadway back to the paved Allegheny River Trail. One of the two right-of-way agreements required the construction of a 130-foot privacy fence along the new by-pass.  A difficult (and expensive) construction project was completed in late August, 2008 to build a by-pass and connector. Twelve hard-working volunteers showed up on a Saturday and the project was finished in one day.

The grant from the Trail Volunteer Fund supported purchase of materials used by volunteers to construct the 130 stockade-style fence.

Grant awarded September 2008
Project completed October 2008

Photo courtesy of Allegheny Valley Trail Association
Refreshments for the crew


Photo courtesy of Allegheny Valley Trail Association
Volunteers begin construction of the fence




Photo courtesy of Allegheny Valley Trail Association
Finished fence



Photo by Mary Shaw

Fence in place



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