Trail Volunteer Fund
Follow-Up Report

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When your project is completed, you are expected to file a simple follow-up report including the information below. The first part identifies the grant. The second part provides information for public reports, including the project reports on this web site. The third provides information that The Pittsburgh Foundation needs to account for the funds.  We will provide a form for preparing the actual report.

Identification of the Grant

What Grant are You Reporting On? Your name and contact information, your organization, and the grant number.

Information for Public Reports on the Projects

What Did You Accomplish? Provide a brief description and photograph suitable for publishing on the web, including our gallery of projects. We prefer digital photos on CD or other digital media.

Information for Accounting of Funds

How Did You Spend the Funds? Explain how you used the funds. If you have not spent all the funds, how and when will you spend the rest?

Have There Been Significant Changes in Your Organization? Please describe any changes in leadership, mission, funding, new program directions, etc.

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